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What I find particularly interesting is that Apple has positioned all its refreshes for mid/late in the year.

iOS and OS X in June/July.
iPhone, iPod and iTunes in September.
iPad and Mac in October.

They’re opening up Spring. Why?

Well, it’s better to launch a new product at the beginning of the year: it’s nowhere near the holiday season, so supply should be less constrained. Holiday season vastly increases demand for a product. When you’re launching something new, that isn’t exactly the best time to do it.

In it’s recent history, Apple has introduced most new lines in the beginning of the year.

As the product matures, Apple moves the refresh cycle to position new generations towards the holiday season to create a blow-out Q1.

And now, we have Spring empty. Apple has moved all their products to the end of the year. They’ve cleared up Spring. So the question that remains is, for what?

I could be lazy and say “Apple Television”. That could make sense. The AppleTV was updated this Spring with the 3rd Generation iPad. Apple could have an event to refresh the set-top box, while simultaneously announcing the actual television.

But I don’t know. All I know is that they’ve cleared their Spring schedule. They’ve not got much they could refresh in that time period. So maybe — just maybe — they’re going to be showing us something new.