Hi. I’m Lewis Dorigo.

I like making nice, accessible things on the web.

Adam Fields lists some of what he wants from iCloud and OS X 10.9, and while I agree with most of the points he makes, there’s a couple of points I disagree with. In particular, this one:

Launchpad is dumb. No one uses it. Get rid of it.

“I don’t use X feature, therefore no one should”.

Terminal is antiquated and dumb. I don’t like it and don’t use it (if I can help it). Get rid of it.

See the problem there?

I use Launchpad all the time. It’s a super convenient way to launch apps that I use often, but don’t feel deserve a place in my dock —terminal, iOS simulator, Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop, my legion of Browsers — and is easier and quicker than a stack or even spotlight.

Gesture (or f4, if memory serves: I’m not at my MacBook), type, return. As opposed to command+space, type, click.

No. Launchpad isn’t for everyone. But just because it’s not for you, doesn’t mean it’s “dumb”, and that the people who do use it, and like it shouldn’t.