#ObjectifyAMaleTechWriterDay; Or, Completely Missing The Goddamn Point

So. Let’s talk about what happened yesterday. Let’s talk about #ObjectifyAMaleTechWriterDay.

This baffles me, as it so completely misses the point. I guess that the idea was to give the men a taste of their own medicine, or to highlight what women in tech have to put up with.

But, I’m sorry, it’s goddamn stupid.

What happened instead was a bunch of male tech writers giving each other back-handed compliments and going “tee hee hee” about the issue. And that’s the way it was always going to end up. Because objectification isn’t something that just happens in a day. It’s not just unwanted compliments — saying “Good morning, Susan, you’re looking nice today” isn’t objectification. It’s a compliment.

Objectification is bigger. It’s making a person feel worthless. Like they are nothing but a thing.

Women in tech are consistently under appreciated by their peers — their work taken for granted and, more often than anyone would really care to admit, reduced to the position of “Booth Babe” at trade shows.

They are being objectified. Relegated to decoration. And that’s not even bringing in the whole mess that women are still — on average, in the US — earning only 80 cents for every dollar made by a man.

But no. #ObjectifyAMaleTechWriter. That solves everything. It’s all better now. Sexism is over, you guys. A bunch of male writers had a bit of a laugh at each other. The world is a better place.

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