Hi. I’m Lewis Dorigo.

I like making nice, accessible things on the web.

… Or, at least, the current smartwatch offerings, at least in my opinion, is that they’re not particularly smart at all. They’re actually quite dumb.

The current so-called smartwatches are to watches, what Feature Phones are to “dumb-phones”. They do some more stuff, and present themselves in the way one would expect a smartwatch to be presented, but without any of the stuff that would make it truly “smart”.

The problem is, that they’re not smart on their own. They require another device to make them smart. They’re like the kid that sat beside you in school, and copied your answers. They’re piggy backing off the smarts of something else. They’re not really smart. They’re just faking it.

Smartwatches should still remain useful, even when it’s not connected to a $600 smartphone. If it’s only real use is controlling music playback on your phone, or displaying notifications from said phone — if all it can do without a phone is display a watch face, or take awkward photographs — it’s not good enough: not smart enough.