My iOS 8 wish list is getting pretty long, so I decided to note them down here.

  • Sharing between apps: one great thing about Windows 8 is it’s ability to share stuff between apps. I’d love iOS to mimic this.
  • Built in apps, on the App Store: the apps that come preinstalled on the phone — with some exceptions — should be on the App Store, meaning they can be updated automatically, and independent of OS updates. This also means that apps that people don’t use (I’m looking at you, Compass!), or that people use third-party apps for (Weather, Stocks, Calendar, Camera) can be removed.
  • Customizable Control Center: Who uses control center to get to the Clock, or to the Calculator? No one, that’s who! But I’d love to be able to be able to shove 1Password and Settings into control center, and replace the Camera app there with Camera+.
  • AirDrop to Mac: Why do I even need to ask for this? My Mac can AirDrop to other Macs. My iPhone can AirDrop to other iOS Devices. Why can’t they AirDrop to each other.
  • Safari Icon: I’ve gotten used to the other stuff. But not this. It’s still ugly.