Last week, I made a throw-away little comment on Twitter:

It was (mostly) meant as a joke, but it actually got me thinking a bit about that possibility.

I would picture the device as having a 11.9″ multi-touch display with a resolution of 2732×1536 — the same pixel density of the current iPad Air, and 2× the pixels of the current 11″ Macbook Air. It would be powered by an Apple A8 processor, and run OS X. Being an iPad it would, of course, lack a physical keyboard.

When Apple announced the iPhone 5s and A7 processor, they kept hammering home that it was a “desktop class” processor, and there was a lot of speculation around Apple possibly using it (or a future A— processor) to power a Macbook Air.

Since the Apple’s A— processors are ARM based, apps would need to be recompiled to run on the device, but I suspect Apple would make it as simple as possible for developers to compile for both, as they did when transitioning from PowerPC to Intel.

This is all just fantasy, of course — I don’t expect anything to be announced at WWDC. If such a device is in the works, I imagine it’d be their regular iPad event in October before they’d announce it.