Hi. I’m Lewis Dorigo.

I like making nice, accessible things on the web.

Just yesterday, I posted a quick thought about a touchscreen Macbook, powered by an A-something processor, and running OS X.

Well, today Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, in a note to investors said that Apple has some “crazy” prototypes in their lab (emphasis mine):

With more than the usual number of prototypes floating around, here are some highlights (with the caveat that Apple might be purposely leaking to confuse competitors): 5.5″ OLED phone with 2k >660ppi display; iTV with full gesture control, voice control, and 4K; touchscreen MacBook Air running on A8; 4″ OLED iPhone that unfolds into an iPad mini; smartwatch prototypes including curved bangle-type and curved-screen; and wearables including health care appliances and payment authentication modules.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written something, only to have an analyst later say the same. I guess I’m getting good at making stuff up about Apple’s future plans. Perhaps I should consider turning it into a career?