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I’ve been reading a lot of comments about the much-rumoured iWatch, and one that comes up a lot is regarding the lack of leaks for the device. Some assume that the lack of leaks (particularly hardware leaks) indicates that it doesn’t exist.

Looking at history, I can see where they’re coming from: almost every iPhone and iPad — and a fair few iPods — released in the past several years have leaked. We can say with near certainty what Apple’s unreleased iPhone 6 will look like.

Yet we have no idea about the iWatch. Does that mean that the whole thing is just idle speculation? Maybe. But let’s speculate a bit more.

If the iWatch exists, the lack of leaks — to me — suggests it’s being built in the USA.

We know that Apple has their new Sapphire plant in Arizona. We also know that Apple is looking to bring more production States-side, and have started by assembling the new Mac Pros in the USA. The Mac Pros — which were announced at last year’s WWDC — didn’t leak at all. We didn’t know a thing about it until Tim Cook got on that stage.

I’d posit that they’re not expecting the demand for the iWatch that would necessitate the kind of scale that production in China would afford, so are keeping it everything on their home-soil. That also allows them to “double down on secrecy” with the device. It might mean that they’d take a hit on the profit margins — assembly in Asia is, as we know, far cheaper than in the States — but since it’s a first-generation device, I don’t think it really matters. And if they begin producing the second generation in China next year, it’ll just increase their margins, which would please investors.

Again, this is all just speculation. I have no idea if the iWatch exists, nor what Apple’s plans for it are. I just like pretending I know what I’m talking about.