Scotland Voted No

Today, Scotland decided on it’s future. And it voted to remain in the Union.

I have been a supporter for independence, and I am gravely disappointed that Scotland wasn’t brave enough to take the risk, when the rewards would have been so great. But now isn’t the time for division: that time is past. We now need to look ahead to Scotland’s future as part of the United Kingdom.

We can still have the fairer, more equal, more democratic society that the we in the Yes Movement were voting for. But we’re not fighting alone anymore — we have our friends who supported us in Wales, Northern Ireland, and the England who supported our people-led campaign for independence, in the hopes that it’d lead to a real, lasting change in Westminster politics. There will still be change. It may be slower, and less impactful, but there will be change.

The leaders of the 3 major parties in Westminster have pledged to give Scotland vague “new powers”, and though those powers are largely undefined, we will be fighting to take control of as much as we can possibly take — hopefully, a full federalisation of the United Kingdom. Of course, though the party leaders have promised these powers, it still has to make it through a largely dissenting House of Commons, and then the unelected House of Lords. We know that MPs are already dissenting on the “bribes” that their party leaders paid to keep Scotland. We all need to fight to make sure we get the settlement we deserve.

We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us now. We can’t sit back and wait for Westminster to delivery us these powers: we don’t know what they are, or when they will come. We’ve got to move forward with Scotland, no longer divided by the question of independence: One Scotland, working together to build the society we want to live in.

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