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Today, Q Branch released an update to their note-taking app Vesper. I’ve been using Vesper as my go-to notes app on my phone for a while. And while there’s been other apps that have done cross-device syncing for a while, I appreciate the attention to detail in Vesper — something that should be expected given the people behind it: John Gruber, Dave Wiskus and Brent Simons.

Well, today’s update features iPad support. And it’s very welcome — the larger screen of the iPad makes it makes writing on it a more pleasurable experience than on iPhone.

But the iPad version, as it currently exists, is… I think the best way to describe it would be “functional, but not optimised”. Given the folks behind Vesper are known for sweating the details, I just expected more than what was given — essentially a scaled up iPhone app. I think I understand why it was released as it is: I expect that iPad support was one of (if not the) most requested features of Vesper. I expect that a more optimised iPad version is in the pipeline, but is still a while off being perfect, so they made the decision to release what they did to provide iPad support with minimal overhead.

Personally, I think I’d rather they waited, though I get why they didn’t. And don’t get me wrong — I’ll definitely be using Vesper on my iPad now that it’s there.

I guess I’m just a little pernickety. Especially since Gruber has criticised developers doing the same thing — though since the update has been live for a while, and Gruber hasn’t mentioned it, I have a feeling he’s not too happy with it, either.

Screenshots of Vesper on iPad

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