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  1. The Flat Design Era

    Allan Grinshtein from LayerVault: Designing honestly means recognizing that things you can do with screens and input devices can’t…

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  2. Hammer for Mac

    I don’t like having to download a bunch of prerequisites to install an app. And I don’t like having to…

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  3. Infographics

    Did someone really sit down one day and think “you know, unless we have the market share of the…

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  4. Sun: A Gorgeous Weather App

    This is how all weather apps should look and work. It’s really beautiful. The fact that’s it’s a web app…

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  5. “Google just lost one of its top people”

    Marco Arment on Marissa Mayer’s leaving Google for Yahoo: In Mayer’s case, it’s also worth asking why so much…

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  6. Firefox 14 Adds Fullscreen Support in OS X Lion

    Only took the entire lifetime of the OS for them to add a feature that everyone else has had for…

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